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Rees Clark ( 10-Sep-2017 )
Smoke seems to be gone. Now we just need a good fall rain to restart the engine.

Rees Clark ( 14-Dec-2016 )
Wow! Good thing we elected Trump. We wouldn't want the unemployment rate to keep improving.

Rees Clark ( 24-Apr-2014 )
Check out Sequential Biodiesel, which collects used cooking oil from restaurants nationwide for conversion to clean-burning biodiesel. LINK

Rees Clark ( 24-Apr-2014 )
Neighborhood HOAs: Create a homeowners association on line and announce meetings, events and publish other community news. Select an editor and submit longer articles directly for publication. LINK

Rees Clark ( 24-Apr-2014 )
The MCT home page is under revision.

Rees Clark ( 23-Mar-2014 )
Spring has sprung! It's beautiful out. So why am I sitting here telling you about it when I could be outside living it?

Rees Clark ( 30-Oct-2013 )
Hooray! Member journal previews are working again. Join the site and post your own community news!

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Frank Alexander ( 17-Apr-2009 )
Just activated member networking for MCT.

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